Solving Problems Together


A Better Path to Success

The concept for WitLytic came from my experience in publishing and analytics.  I wanted to create a business that could focus on the value of content in developing solutions through a creative process.  After all, its not the data, its what you do with it!  I chatted with on-line publishers over coffee in New York City, and was determined to create an environment where digital content creators, data and analytics technologies, and revenue teams could come together.

  • You’ve seen content we’ve developed embedded in stories with major publications and blogs.
  • You’ve seen our indexes and analysis in ranking and ratings systems for communities and properties.
  • You’ve seen our clients’ pieces get picked up and syndicated to 100’s of millions of viewers.

We know how to help them with content that feeds editorial, drives traffic, boosts SEO and helps them get found.  But we also help them monetize.  If you’re a publisher stuck in an ad sales death spiral and want to talk about alternate revenue paths that build customer loyalty and put dollars in your pocket, we should talk.

Bring on the [Data] Science!

New tools are bringing exciting opportunities and widening our focus to help retailers, on-demand, and application developers understand their products, users, operaitons and opportunities.  Turns out all that math work, statistics and real world data systems experience really helps when you’re tackling today’s business problems.  

  • We’re helping retailers understand propensity to buy, location dynamics, and purchasing patterns.
  • We’re helping on-demand businesses with customer acquisition, scheduling dynamics and usability.
  • We’re helping businesses leverage data to streamline operations, empower staff, drive down costs and increase margins.