Great fun being part of BrickUnderground’s Best Neighborhoods for Recent Grads (in NYC) story.  In a nod to the fierce competition and pricing of New York apartments, some of the lesser known areas of the Big Apple get exposure.

We helped BrickUnderground’s editors assess some key criteria for their story including population and age demographics, crime and safety, and restaurant and nightlife options.

Here’s the list (details on the BrickUnderground site):

  1. Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)
  2. East Harlem (Manhattan)
  3. Hamilton Heights (Manhattan)
  4. Ridgewood (Queens)
  5. Kensington (Brooklyn)
  6. Prospect Lefferts Gardens (Brooklyn)
  7. Jackson Heights (Queens)
  8. Fordham Heights (Bronx)
  9. Concourse (Bronx)
  10. Stapleton (staten Island)

One of the aspects of this story which we really like is how their rating topics keep it light while still relying on some serious research and number crunching.  All the details are rolled up into a nice “5 hearts” rating in categories including:  Nightlife, Cool factor, and Parent approved.

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