I attended the SQL NYC Neoj4 meetup “Graph Databases: What You Can Do With Them & What the Future Holds” at Work Market  with speaker Andreas Kollegger, Senior Product Designer, Neo4j.  Fun gathering, some great new connections.  I love the graphDB possibilities.  In my work with property, geography, and people there are near endless possibilities.

But here’s what I didn’t know and learned.  The Panama Papers team used graphs to find the connections and uncover potential fraud and corruption.  Great real world use of Data for Good!  And you can see the step by step approach they used and download the graph here to play around with it!

Some of the most interesting questions out there speak to graph databases…because the interesting elements are in the connections and relationships much more than in the data itself.  Are you working on recommendation engines (I’ve got a side project in real estate for that)?  Fraud detection?  Social search?  You may want to rethink how your using databases.

Big thanks to the folks at Work Market and the SQL NYC meetup group.