This post written by me initially appeared on the Onboard Blog

Your goal

Be relevant.  Be part of the conversation.  Turn social buzz into traffic.

You have a demographic to target.

You have your own content.

You’re looking for something to tie it together.

Are you trying to tie together social, in house content and relevant data to drive traffic and brand awareness?  Of course you are…I mean who isn’t?  The good news is that if you have the energy, insight and focus to jump on hot topics, we can back up your story-lines with great data.

Heard about Talia Jane’s open post to Yelp’s CEO over the impossibility of living in San Francisco on her service industry salary?  Well our friends over at did…and they immediately tied it back to an opportunity to leverage the story’s buzz factor immediately for their brand.  Check out Mack Gelber’s how to guide with suggestions for Jane on how to find a city she can better afford but still meets many of her apparent lifestyle and social goals:  Hey Talia Jane, here’s why you should give up San Francisco for Knoxville

How we help

Just where you’d expect:  with the data behind the story.  We whipped up the cost of living details from our deep data pockets that same day and helped the Monster team sort through the stats to find their answers.

And there are 10 other stories in this same dataset:

  1. What cities are more affordable for renters?
  2. Where are the Millennials moving?
  3. Where do I get the biggest bang for my buck without sacrificing fun and diversity?
  4. What are the most affordable cities for [insert any job type or industry]?
  5. Don’t move to these cities if you want to rent your own flat on your entry level salary.
  6. Where do salaries outpace living costs the most (so I can spend money on things I like)?
  7. Where do living costs outpace salaries the most?
  8. How many years would I have to work to save up enough for a 20% down payment in my home town?
  9. Where do housing costs make of the largest (or smallest) chunk of your total expenses?
  10. How do healthy job markets impact housing costs?

Of course, we’re not the only ones talking about Talia Jane.  Here are a couple of my favorites (published by friends of Onboard too.)

Business Insider:  29-year-old millennial rips 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired after complaining about her salary

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