It’s been a busy summer!

Yesterday, launched its annual Best Places to Live feature.  This is a project I’ve worked on for almost 20 years now!   (more in an upcoming post).  Work around the story took up a big chunk of my time!  I provide all of the data content and analysis for the story and the editorial team at Money then works their reporting magic!

Earlier in the summer, I spend six weeks brushing up some skills at Metis Data Science in NYC.  What a great experience!  The team there is incredibly professional and knowledgeable.  And they helped me crystallize implementation strategies around some of WitLytic’s upcoming projects.

Next, I took a really interesting online course from MIT – Big Data and Social Analytics.  Another great experience.  The Living Labs experiments MIT is doing around mobility and spatial location data is really amazing with implications for city planning, world health care, and many, many businesses.  Especially interesting is their Bandicoot data framework – check it out!

So what’s next?  Some more stories with publishers and some algorithm work with a number of Real Estate and demand economy firms.  Stay tuned…